Router Table Fence

By George Vondriska

You can build this completely tricked-out router table fence in an afternoon for about 50 bucks, using easily available parts. Here's what you get:

• Flexibility. Tall or short, it's easy to swap between the faces of this fence, so you always have the right one for the job.

• Adjustability. It's a breeze to adjust die faces to surround the bit and make a tear-out-limiting, zero-clearance fence.

• Interchangeable fences. The left and right faces can be swapped. If you need a fresh end for a zero-clearance fence, just trade left for right. The faces are so easy to make, you can have plenty of replacements ready to go.

• Offset outfeed fence. Use your router table as a jointer by adding a simple shim to the outfeed fence.

• Dust collection. Just hook up to a standard 2-in. hose.

• Safety. The guard is easy to make and easy to use.

• Easy clamping. Two simple clamps hold the fence to the table, making fence adjustments simple. Plus, you won't have any trouble clamping featherboards to this fence.

The Whole Package

The fence we show here works for router tables from 28- to 34-in. long. For longer tables, simply cut the fence parts 4-in. longer than the length of your table.

Tools and Materials The fence is made from medium-density fiber-board (MDF). MDF is dense, hard and flat, which makes it a great choice for this fence and other shop-made jigs. It's also darn heavy, at almost 100 pounds per 4x8-ft. sheet. You'll need help handling it. The fence requires about a half sheet, so you could share a sheet with a fellow woodworker.

To make this fence you need a tablesaw and a router table equipped with a carbide-tipped 1/4-in. straight bit (see Sources, page 91). The routing required to make the fence is simple. A straight board clamped to the table is all it takes. You don't need to have a good router table fence already in order to make one!

Here's the fence with all its options.

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