Applying the Laminate

Before you can trim the laminate, you've got to apply it to a substrate (SOUCtimes called an underlaymcnt). The best substrates are sheet goods— plywood, particlcboard. medium-density fiberboard (MDF)—because they're generally more flat and stable than natural wood panels.

Contact cement is what bonds the laminate to the substrate. It's a sophisticated rubber cement that you spread on the mating pieces and leave to dry. When you touch the dried cement on the laminate to the dried cement or the substrate, they stick. Immediately. On contact.

To avoid alignment problems that can easily arise, the standard approach is to cut the laminate about Vi to Y* inches larger in length and width than the substrate. The laminate merely has to be positioned so it overhangs on all four sides, and you're okay. The overhang doesn't have to be even, though any pattern should probably be aligned parallel with the substrate's edges to look right.

A typical application approach is to lay spacers, such as dowel rods or sticker strips, across the substrate and to set the laminate on them. Beginning cither in the middle or at one end. you pull the spacers one at a time and press the laminate to the substrate. For a large panel, use a laminate roller to press the laminate firmly to the substrate, so you get a


good, uniform bond between the two. On a small panel, you can achieve the same end by sliding a wood block methodically around the panel, rapping it with a hammer.

That's all there is to it. The laminate is immediately ready for trimming.

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