Chancing Bits

Changing bits always seems harder than it should be. Hanging the router under a table increases the aggravation.

Two common approaches come to mind. The "best method" will ofttimes change with the situation. 1

Worfe H-il/i the motor in "table position." Bach the motor down enough to get at the collet nut, and work the wrenches in the gaps between the base's buttresses or the plunge rods. Lift the bits in and out through the bit throat in the baseplate. If the mounting plate is clear, it's easy to see where your wrenches are and what you're doing.

Lift the router, mounting plate and all, out of the table. Lay it on the table and change the bit. (This router has an arbor lock, so only one wrench is needed.) If your mou nting plate is screwed down, or if the router is attached directly to the tabic,you can't try this one.

use the one that better suits the moment. Regardless of the method, unplug the router first.

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