Flush trimming

Tnic or false: Flush trimming is an operation used only when working with plastic laminates. Flush trimming is an operation done only with a (lush-trimming bit.

Both false, thanks to the "only" in both statements.

Flush trimming is an operation used when working wirh plastic laminates. Bu: it also is done in order to machine edge banding, trim plugs and keys, and level all manner of lumps and projections in otherwise flat surfaces. And, set up with the proper jigs and baseplates, you can do the job with straight bits, mortising bits, pattern bits, and bottom-cleaning bits, as well as flush-trimming bits.

Plugs cov ering screws that are close to an edge can easily be trimmed with a Jlush-trimming bit. The off-set-base laminate trimmer is great for this sort of application.

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