Grooving the works edge

When we talk about cutting dadoes and grooves, the first cuts that come to mine are those made into the face of the work. But there are times when you need to groove the narrow edge of the work. T-squares and double-bar guides are useless for this.

Four approaches come to my mind:

• Use two edge guides to steady your router on the work's edge. Set tight against both laces uf the work, the

guides prevent tipping as you make the cut with the appropriate straight bit.

• Use a slot-cutter of the appropriate size. (See .he chapter "lidge Joints.")

• Clamp the board to the edge of a work surface, like our router bench, with the edge to be worked flush with the work surface. This gives broader support to the router, since roughly half of it can bear on the work surface. Use the appropriate straight bit. and guide the cut with an edge guide.

Grooving the edge of a hoard can be a hand-held router operation if you have two edge guides. Attach a 3- to 4-inch-wide scrap-wood face to one guide (it's on the left here). Then set up the guides, as shown, to capture the board between them. The wood face will broaden the bearing surface and keep the router perpendicular to the workpicce's edge.

The difficulty in grooving the edge of a board is the lack of support for the router. The edge is too narrow, and the router wobbles and tips from side to side. One solu-tion to this problem is to damp the board in such a way that additional support is offered to the router. The narrowness of the router bench I built (see the chapter "Router Bench") allows me to clamp work to its edge. Here, I am using the edge of the bench as the hearing for the edge guide, as I rout a groove in the edge of my work.


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