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Minimize "blowout" and at the same time extend the utility of your box-jointing jig with interchangeable cutting slot backers.

The box-jointing jig provides backing, but if the existing cutting slot in the back is higher than the one you're cutting in a work-piece, you risk blowout. So change the backing each time you use the jig for a new project.

Before gluing the back in place, rout a dovetail slot in it, as shown in Interchangeable Backer. Then cut backers to fit tightly in the slot. They can be hardwood or hard-board. Make a handful of them at one time so you'll have several on hand. Assemble the jig, then slide a backer into the dovetail slot. (A hole drilled in the backer makes it easier to remove, and you can hang your spares on a screw driven into the jig's back.)

Each time you cut a different height of slot, change the backer.

Building one box-jointingjig with interchangeable backers allows you to make different-sized joints. Attach the key with small screws so you can easily reposition it. And for each new bit, slide a new hard-board backer into place.

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