Cutting Denticulated Strips

Pivot Screw used witm wcore-box bit. it produces V«' flutes

Making dentil molding Is as simple as dadoing a board and then ripping it into strips. The challenge lies in cutting crisp, evenly spaced dadoes. The router produces the crisp cuts, and this simple-to-make baseplate generates the even spacing.

The trick is the little strip on the baseplate. When you make the first cut. the strip slides along the end of the workpiece, positioning the cut. When you make the second cut, the

The denticulating baseplate need not he limited to flat-bottomed cuts. The baseplate on the router has a strip made by ripping a dowel. Used in conjunction with a core-box bit. the baseplate creates a different sort of dentil molding.

strip slides in the first. The second dado thus is the same distance from the first as the first is from the edge. Each new cut is referenced from the previous one.

To make the baseplate, cut a scrap of Winch plywood, drill a bit hole and mounting-screw holes, then mount it on the router base. Cut a sample dado in scrap, and cut and plane a stnpto fit it. Wax the strip well so that it will slide in the dado without binding. Then attach it to the plywood baseplate with a single screw at one end. Adjust the position of the strip, then drive a second screw through the other end, fixing it in place.

A more versatile unit can be made by marking position increments on the baseplate. Then you can alter the space between dadoes without remca-suring; just pull the screw, swing the strip, and reset the screw.

you use to set them. And of course, no matter how hard you try to set either of these setscrcws, the router's vibrations inevitably shake them loose. The guide slides away from the position you set. Naturally, you don't catch it in time, and your work's ruined.

If the router that you have is "equipped" with one of these buggers, or if you don't have a manufactured edge guide, make your own.

As I mentioned, the edge guide bears against the workpiece edge to guide your cut. Obviously, there's a limit to how far you can work from the edge.

Feed direction is i m [tor tant when routing with an edge guide. Moving in the correct direction enlists the bit's help in pulling the guide against the reference edge as you cut.

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