Job Specific Setups

The surfacing platform is my style, the job-specific setup is Fred's. Hell make some ugly fixture that works for the job at hand, and not wont about whether it'll adapt to another job. If he ever does another job requn-ing that fixture, he'll just make the needed fixture then. And the one he makes then may be considerably different from the one he's making now. "Why make more of the setup than you need to?" seems to be his attitude. Very practical.

A while back. Fred made a wide plywood baseplate for one of the Rodale shop's routers and fitted it with two handle grips. (See Fred's Surfacing Baseplate; how to duplicate it should be evident.) It doesn't have stops, and it can be used to do wide lap joints and a lot of other work, as you'll see. But he's used it for thicknessing, too. To do that, all Fred does is set up tracks on both sides of the board. He might screw them to a base, but more likely he'll plant a track on both sides of the board, then trap the works between the vise and a bench dog, or set it all up on a couple of bar clamps. The surfacing baseplate is the carriage he uses.

The completed work won't be pristine. But it will be flat and sufficiently smooth that a lick or two with a belt sandcr or a cabinet scra/rer can finish it. Compare the rough disk with the routed and belt-sanded one on top of it.

Everything he does is the same ┬╗what I do, except that Fred's tracks get chewed up and tossed out when the job's done, and mine sec use another day. (And mine take up space in the shop until that day. Fred points I out.)

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