Jointing with a router

There's a cenain chicken-or-egg quality to this operation. Maybe you picked up on it. Why, you ask. would anyone joint with a router? Wefl. you tell yourself, because he (or she) doesn't have a jointer. He (or she) has to joint boards for edge-gluing,, and the router can make a square, clean cut along the edge of a board An essential, of course, is a straight, true fence to guide cither the router or the work. And how do you get that? Why, you joint... it____

Ahhh ... The sigh of recognition Well, recognize, first of all, that your router can do a dam good job substituting for a jointer. If you don't have a jointer, if you want to joint glue-laden materials like plywood or medium-density fibcrboard (MDF), if you want to joint a board or panel

Before edge-banding a plywood panel, you want to joint il.Standing this broad panel on edge to run it across the jointer would he venturesome, to say the least. But you ran slide it across the router table's broad surface confidently, jointing it with a carbide-tipped straight bit.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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