Lap Joints

The strength of this simple joint will surprise you.

Used for small or simple frames, like picture frames, face frames, cabinet door frames, and simple chairs, the lap joint is usually considered to be of intermediate strength—that is, stronger than a butt, weaker than a mortise-and-tenon. The truth is, a well fitted and glued lap joint will be stronger than a comparable monise-and-tenon. (The reason is that in a lap joint, each member retains more of its original girth. Usually, the joint doesn't fail, the wood does. In a lap joint, there's more wood, so it is stronger.)

In a lap joint, one member is notched to accept the other member. These joints—the variations abound—are a simple way of joining two pieces that cross or meet, forming an X, L, or T. Essentially, the joint consists of dadoes or rabbets cut in one or both pieces. The pieces are thus interlocked with their faces flush.

In a hill lap joint, only one piece is notched; the other's full dimension is set into the notch.

In any of the half-lap joints, both members are notched, usually with half the total material to be removed coming from each piece. The British call these "halved joints," which is sensible and thus somewhat surprising.

Within these broad categories, there are many variations. In the end-lap joint, both members are lapped at their ends. In a cross-lap joint, the laps are somewhere other than the ends; the members can cross at any angle. In a T-lap joint, one member is lapped in the middle, the other at an end. Other variations include the mitered half-lap and the dovetail half-lap.

In an edge cross-lap joint, the members are notched rather than dadoed so that the lapping is edge-to-edge, rather than face-to-facc.

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