Offset Base Laminate Trimmer

If you find yourself doing a lot of counter installations, and you get tired of hand trimming the few inches on either side of an inside comer or at the wall, you can buy an offset-base trimmer.

This little gem is the only router with the collet not mounted direcdy on the motor. In this instance, the arbor and collet are out on a comer of the router base. What this does is allow you to rout well within an inch of most obstructions, which really cuts down on the nibblc-and-file work.

But you'll quickly discover some other nifty tricks it can do for you to expedite counterwork. One of the best is trimming to a wall. If you want a counter to fit against a wall, with or without a baeksplash, you usually have to set the counter in place near but not against the wall. Then you use a compass to scribe along the wall and transfer its contour to the laminate. Cutting or sanding to the line is ticklish handwork. Good results are achieved only through practice.

With the offset-base trimmer, you leave the compass in your toolbox. Instead, you guide the edge of the trimmer along the wall and trim the laminate to a perfect fit.

The offset-base trimmer is also great for normal edge work because now the whole weight of the router is sitting securely on the counter instead of being halfway off the edge. No more tipping.

Getting a counter to fit seamlessly to a wall is tough. The edge must be scribed, and making the cut is usually handwork. With the offset-base trimmer, however, you block the workpiece so that the hack edge of the laminate is about Y* inch from the wall. Then run the trimmer between the wall and the baeksplash, feeding from left to right. The nose of the baseplate transfers every hump and hollow in the wall to the laminate.

Before the countertop and baeksplash are set and serened in place,you can run the trimmer along the top edge of r he baeksplash and trim the front edge (top). The baseplate shape and bit location even allow you to get into inside corners (bottom). Only a snap with diagonal cutters and a couple of licks with a file will he needed to square it completely.

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