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This jig's real advantage, to Ellis Walentine. is that you don't have to hassle with templates or inexact drawing methods. You can make a full-sized or scale drawing of your project right on the platform of the jig.

All you need to generate drawings of ovals is Fred's easy-to-make pencil holder. It's nothing more than a scrap of wood with a pencil stuck through it. screwed to a long strip of Winch plywood.

Drill a hole big enough for a pencil through the center of a 2-inch-square scrap of Winch stock. To lock the pencil in the hole, rip a 1 '/¿-inch-long kerf from one end through the pencil hole. (Use the band saw or a coping saw for this.) Drill a hole though the scrap, as shown in Pencil I folder, and insert a bolt with a wing nut. (With a pencil in the hole, tighten the wing nut to close the kerf, locking the pencil in the hole.) Attach the scrap to the plywood strip with a couplc of Winch screws.





To draw ellipses, tape your paper to the platform and lightly trace the platform's centerlines on it. The intersection of the lines will always be the exact center of your ellipse. Mark one end of the major axis on the paper. With the long centerlinc of the platform aligned with the adjustment slide, clamp the pencil holder fixture to the bench, with the point of the pencil on your mark. You don't want too much pressure on the pencil point, so adjust the pencil as necessary. Draw the ellipse by turning the platform in either direction.

The perfect way to establish the size and proportion of the oval you are about to rout is to draw one first. In fact, you can draw dozens of them, all different, to settle on which one you like. This pencil holder, which is set up exactly as the router is set up, makes it easy. A hand on the ftencil holder will keep it on the paper as you rotate the platform.

ing point after one revolution of the platform, chances arc that something has slipped slightly. Be sure the jigs base is screwed down properly, that the router fixture is securely clamped, and that the adjustment slide hasn't moved.

If your ellipses appear slightly skewed, cither your tracks aren't centered properly on the platform or you didn't have the platform center-line direcdy over the center of the slide when you set the router on the major axis.

Finally, any wobble in the dovetail keys could translate into a slight wandering of the cut. Try tightening the screws slightly to take out the slop. Or consider upgrading the fasteners. In a model of this jig that Ellis made for his own shop, he used Winch bolts to secure the dovetail keys.

If you need to cut ellipses with a larger axis difference than the 48 inches possible here, you can add extension channels or make a larger jig.

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