Router table through cuts

Cutting grooves and dadoes on a router table has a lot in common with doing it on a table saw with a dado cutter. In both approaches, you



If you like the speed of the power-saw-mounted dado cutter, but the clean cut of the router and straight bit. here's a compromise. It's the dado-cleanout bit from Eagle America.

With a shank-mounted bearing and cutting edges that are only '/■♦ inch long, the bit is designed to tidy up after your power saw. The design theory- is that the bearing follows the dado's side, while the cutting edges clean the uneven dado bottom. And it does work, so long as your dado is at least % inch deep. Deeper is better, of course, since that will put the bearing in contact with more of the dado side.

The bit can also be used as a pattern bit. and as such, it can be used with a fence to cut shallow1 dadoes.

Three diameters—Yi, Ya, and V-t inch—are available, all with K-v-inch-long cutting edges, all in Winch shank. Look for Eagle America in "Sources" on page 337.

have to set the fence, then slide the work across the table, keeping it squarely in contact with the fence as you do.

The biggest difference is the speed: Unless it is a shallow cut—Vi inch or less—the dado cutter is going to be faster. For large workpieces— cabinet sides, for example—the setup of your table saw may favor the dado cut ter also. If you work with plywood a lot, you may have long fence rails and a table extension to the right of the blade, as well as a big outfccd table. These accessories facilitate da-doi ng large panels as much as the)' do cutting large panels. But's unlikely that your router table is set up this way.

As I've said before. I'd opt to use


Yom can use any scrap to hack up a dado cut, hut by adding a f>eglike handle,you make the scrap easier to control. When the end of the sled gets too chopped up to prevent tear-out, trim it off. When the sled gets too short, mov e the handle to a new one.


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