Tapered Surfaces

Tapering is accomplished two ways. You can use tapered tracks with the surfacing rig. Or you can use tracks of different heights. Which approach you use depends upon the stock and what you are trying to achieve. Tapering a board from edge to edge? Use tracks of different heights. Tapering tabic legs? Use tapered tracks.

Make the appropriate tracks for the surfacing platform. Drill and coun-tcrbore the mounting holes, and insen the T-nuts. Depending upon your approach, remove one or both of the standard tracks, and install the tapering tracks.

Setting the stock is the same as for thickncssing. and the router operation itself Ls the same. Just the result is different.

To taper blanks for hand mirrors, Fred traps the blank between tracks of different heights. When his surfacing baseplate is rested on the tracks, it's tilted. The simplicity of the setup Ls evident.

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