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Making cabinets? Try dadoing both sides of a cabinet at one time by lining them up side by side. It's a trick that saves time, since you only have to set up the guide fence once.

Just as important, it ensures that the dadoes will line up and that the cabinct and its shelves will be square when it's assembled.

Using the locatingjig is as simple as aligning one of its edges with the layout mark and then butting the T-s/ptare against the other edge. The T-square's crossltar will ensure that the fence is square to the edge.


The self-positioning dado guide has two edges, so it can he used to guide cuts made with two different bits. Align the guide's edge right on the ait. The guide's "out-of-service" side is the perfect place for clamping.

plywood. Chuck die bit that you'll use with the guide in your router, and run it along the fence, trimming off the excess plywood or hardboard. Each guide will accommodate two different bits, so mark clearly and indelibly along each edge which bit to use.

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