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To rout a mortise,you plunge the work onto the bit, cutting to full depth at each end of the mortise. Then hack a series of shallow aits, moving the work back and forth from one end to the other. This special cutaway of a partially routed mortise shows what the bit is doing inside the stile.

off the bit, shift the jig to the opposite stop, and plunge the work again, boring the other end of the mortise. Back the work off the bit again.

Now remove the waste between these two holes. You can do it by sliding the jig back and forth, incrementally routing out the waste. Or you can do it as if you were drilling out the waste, by plunging and replunging. When most of the waste is removed, clean the mortise walls

If you need to do a mortise in a part that is shaped some way in the finished project, cut the mortise before you shape the part. A tapered leg, for example, will be easier to mortise while its faces are all still parallel.

by plunging to full depth and sliding the jig from side to side.

As you back off the bit to swap workpieces, lift your foot from the switch and cut the power to the router. Don't get back on the pedal again until you're ready to plunge the new workpiece onto the bit.

And be sure you switch work-pieces after routing a mortise. Don't flip the piece and rout a mortise in the other end. You should have one face of each workpiece marked as the reference face and that face should always be consistently oriented— cither always up or always down. When you've got a mortise done in f

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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