Working Laminates

Here's the reason for those one-hand-sized routers, called laminate trimmers. Never was a tool so well suited for a job. The | router's high-speed cutter is about the only way to cut laminate accurately without chipping it.

In a nutshell, the procedure for working with laminates is: Cut a piece of plastic laminate to a size just a few fractions of an inch larger than the plywood, particleboard, or other substrate it is to cover. Bond it to the substrate; contact cement is the most popular glue for this. You ; position the laminate so its edges overhang those of the substrate just a little. With your router or laminate trimmer and a flush-trimming bit. | Dp around the edges, trimming away | the excess laminate and making it flush with the substrate's edges. Pcrfect!

There's a little more to working with plastic laminates than that, but the router is the key tool used throughout the process. In addition to trimming the edges to finish a laminate project, you can also use the router to cut the pieces you need from the laminate sheets to start the project.

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