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Since homeowner's insurance doesn't cover floods, yon may be in for an expensive surprise.

It's a fact that may come as news to many people, and often too late: Only flood insurance covers floods. Available through your insurance agent, it's the best way to protect your home and family when flood damage occurs. And compared to going into debt or having to qualify for disaster relief, the cost of flood insurance Is a drop in the bucket.

Talk to your insurance agent or call us now for free information.

But act quickly. While a flood can strike as fast as lightning, it takes 30 days before coverage begins.

We can't replace your memories, but we can help you build new ones.

Think you can't be flooded! Think again.

Even if you don't live near water or live on a hill and believe you're safe from floods, just listen to the news. Experts report that weather patterns are changing fast, and so are your chances of being flooded. In fact, last year, two out of three federally declared disasters were flood related. And what's more, 25% of all flood claims came from areas no one considered high risk.



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