True Woody

Truck-bed rebirth. Eric Gangluff's oak and draws applause wherever he goes.

When the bed rusted out on Eric GanglufFs '81 Toyota truck about a year ago, he figured he'd slap on a wood flatbed and a couple of sideboards to get a little more life out of it. "After all,* he points out, "she only had 180,000 miles on her." But he admits that somewhere in the process, he got a bit carried away. The end result was the oak and ash bed you see here. "The first time I drove it through town/1 Gangluff says» "I realized I'd done something a little different. People were staring and honking with thumbs up. Even now, when I stop for gas, all the guys still walk around for a quick gander."

It took Gangluff, of Attica, OH, ? about 100 hours to design and con- \ struct the 6-ft., lO-in.-long bed. He \ the fenders using Titebond II glue, : but the rest of the bed is simply screwed together with £ stainless steel screws. <s

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