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Leather with light pressure. The iron will help to smooth the leather and cure the glue. Q But if you press too hard, you'll end up ironing the texture off the leather surface. Keep the iron moving, and work across the entire surface two or three times.

You don't have to wait to fold the leather over the front edge of the drawers and glue it there. Squeeze a little bead of glue along the edge, then spread it evenly with your roller. Smooth the leather over the edge with a rolling motion, and iron it through paper. Roll your hand, and the iron, over the corner to make sure it's tight and smooth. Try not to dig your fingers into the leather. Since the glue is still somewhat plastic, you'll make a dimple, which you'll have to iron out again.

Allow the glue to cure for at least an hour, ^

and preferably overnight, before you pare the leather square and tight to the wood. Put some tension on the waste leather as you steer the knife along the wood. 0

That's it. You don't have to apply a finish, and there's nothing to clean up. The piece looks great, and you're all done already. A


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? knife trims it. Slice the excess along the edge of the wood.

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