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Now the truck that changed the rules is fourmost in accessibility with something no other pickup can heat. Introducing the new, four-door Rani Quad Cab!

Ram Quad Cab's four doors open to a remarkably spacious interior, a newly redesigned instrument panel. and a new, standard passenger-side airbag

Dodge Ram has received the J.D. Power and Associates award for "Most Appealing Full-Size Pickup" three wars in a row.'

Building better bodies through computers: our new four-door Quad has the same structural soundness as our two-door Club.

Nothing matches the powerfiil line of Magnum' engines, with a 1-6. a choice of two V-8s, the laigest. most powerfiil gas engine on the market-a 300-horsepower V-10-and a newly refined, more powerful Cummins Turbo Diesel that delivers an impressive 460 Ibs-ft of torque.

' copyright f Always use seal belli. Remember a backseat is the safest pbee foe children. Rearward-facing cluld seats can be used in the front sea! only with the passenger aubag turned off. *J.D. Power and Aoocialri 1995-1997 Automotive Performance. Execution, and Layout Studies"11997 study based on 29.187 consumer responses.

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