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The Wood Write mini-lathe Model 160 (shown above) comes assembled, mounted, alined and ready to run. Complete with:

• 1/3hp AC induction motor with foot switch

• 400 - 5700 rpm (6 steps); 16-1/2" between centers; 5-1/2" swing over bed; 2-3/4" swing over saddle; high speed ball bearings -head and tail stock

• the E-Z Glide™ crank (4 turns to move saddle 1")

• tool mount and carbide tipped cutting tool

• Wood Write s exclusive high efficiency dust collection manifold The Model 260 includes all of the above PLUS a motorized saddle drive - cuts so smoothly you'll hardly even need sandpaper!

The Model 360 includes all of the above, a motorized saddle drive, PLUS automatic stop switches at the head and tail stock. Ask about it? It s the Dream Mini-lathe.

Now available - the hands free Wood Write Copy-Cat™ duplicator -the easiest way to copy from patterns or other work.

Wood kJtik Ltd.

2121 Abell Lane. Bldg. 404 Sparks. MO 21152 USA Tel: 1-888-966-3974 Fax: 410-771-4879

e-mail: woodwrlte®woridnet.attnet

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