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1.5 hp to 15 hp Industrial Systems

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Sorby's new Spiraling and Texturing Tool makes it easy to dress up your turned work with visual and tactile effects that would be difficult to get with ordinary tools. It only takes a little practice to create spirals and barley twists with a cutter that works with a scraper-like action. Another cutter creates textured effects. The complete system costs $147.50 and includes the tool handle, a rest support plate, and four cutters. The Spiraling Tool with one cutter costs $ 109. Woodcraft, Dept. AWT, Box 1686, Parkersburg, WV 26102, (800) 225-1153. Circle #605

Turned Spirals

Miter Saw Mount

Whether you're setting up on a remote site or in your shop, DeWalt's new #DW730 Miter Saw Station will help you get the most out of your saw. A large "tool mount" platform holds any brand miter saw (including compound sliding saws) up to 300 lb. The tool mount and an adjustable work support and work stop slide horizontally along a sturdy 7-ft. aluminum double track beam to accommodate different-size stock. The Miter Saw Station lets you clamp an ordinary 16-ft. tape measure in the tool mount to measure precise cutoff lengths. (Price: about $290) DeWalt Industrial Power Tools, Dept. AWT, Box 158, Hampstead, MD 21074, (800) 433-9258. Circle #606

More Biscuits, Please

Porter-Cable's new model 557 biscuit joiner features two blades and seven cutting depths to handle a wider range of biscuit sizes than any other biscuit joiner on the market. With the 2-in. blade, the tool cuts slots for the company's smaller FF (face-frame) biscuits for joining materials as narrow as 1 V2 in. The 4-in. blade works for regular #0^ 10, 20, and larger biscuits. It's easy to adjust the joiner's fence to angles from 0# to 135* and set the fence height with a microadjusting knob. We found the model 557 has great ergonomics and dust collection. (Street price: $235) Porter-Cable Corp., Dept. AWT, Box 2468, Jackson, TN 38302, (800) 487-8665. Circle #604

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