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Regardless of your clamping needs, Dc-Sta-Co has the right product for you. Choose from our broad range of toggle action clamps, the hold fast clamping alternative.

Also try our new durable, HI lightweight composite clamps, in a | H variety of styles designed specifically ^M for the woodworker.

Our clamps are available with either ncoprcnc-tippcd spindles or soft pads to protect your fine wood surfaces.

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Own a Complete HomeJShop s 10 tools in 1!

Do the work of 10 tools with 1 compact, affordable machine

Work on wood, metal, or plastic Easy, fun to use Built to last a lifetime

The perfect friend to relax with, the perfect partner to help get work done


"This isn '/ the Cadillac, this is the Mercedes of combination woodworking tools. My old 5'in-l is going to he very lonely over in the corner. " —Edward Zvch (TN)

Each machine includes: Premium Tool Pah • Toll-free Helpline 2-year Warranty

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A Newbies Guide To Wood Working

A Newbies Guide To Wood Working

Wonder No Longer About Things Like Designs, Tools And Safety. These Problems Among Others Will Be Covered In This E-Book. You Will Be Creating Great Wooden Works Of Art In Very Little Time At All! For The Beginning Woodworker, The Construction of Handcrafted Wood Creations Can Be a Daunting And Overwhelming Experience. Well, Not Anymore!

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