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Drawing Curves

Trying to draw curves with a sprung batten (which takes two hands) frequently means holding the pcncil with your teeth. This versatile jig is simple

Pocket-Hole Drill Guide

This jig can be made in a few minutes and greatly simplifies drilling pockct holes in aprons, etc. Drill a hole down through the middle of a piece of scrap. Saw the block apart at an angle, then glue the two pieces together as shown. Now clamp the guide to the apron and drill the pocket hole.

Kelly Mchlcr Berea, KY

shelf 1 store my bcnchtop machines, such as the drill press, bandsaw, grinder, and various accessories. When necessary, I can easily shift a machinc from the shelf to

in batten only.

in batten only.

to make and adjust, and will always produce a fair curve. The sharper the radius of curvature, the thinner the batten should be. You need only glue the dowels into the batten because friction prevents any slippage in the 3^-in. board.

Yeung Chan Millbrac, CA

Router Spindle Sander

I recently discovered that my variable-speed router makes a very effective spindle sandcr. The router is mounted in a table so I can raise or lower it to get the full use of the sanding drum. I buy l-in.-dia. sanding drums, 3 in. long with a Vij-in. shank for about $10. Smaller sizes are also available.

James Bell Earlsboro, OK

Bench Extender

There is barely room in my garage workshop for a bench—and none at all for machines. My solution was to construct a sturdy shelf above the bench. On the

Veneer Hangers

I used to store my veneers in a drawer or on a shelf but find hanging them more convenient, with less chance of damage and warping. Also, I can easily see exactly what veneers I have in stock.

Saw block angle.

PRON Clamp guide to apron and drill pocket.

Clue sawn surface of B to long of A.

Support shelf with heavy-duti metal brackets.

the bench and back again. The bench space under the shelf remains fully usable and is less likely to become cluttered.

Peter Rccs Ellcsworth, ME

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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