Franks Table

A master shows you how to use your most beautiful boards by Frank Klausz hile sitting at my kitchen table last summer, AW's Tim Snyder remarked on how comfortable it was. "The secret is in the table's proportions," I explained, "plus the long, sloping bevel along the top's edge. The beveled top lets you rest your arms on the edge at just the right angle."

The table that Edith and 1 use is a mixture of cherry and ash to complement our chairs, but any favorite hardwood will do. Save your best boards for the top: This is the surface you'll use and see the most, so it's worth selecting premium stock.


Frank's table is sized to seat six comfortably. The aprons join the legs with haunched mortise-and-tenon joints. Wooden rub blocks and buttons secure the top to the aprons. The top overhangs each side apron by 2 in. and has a 5-in. overhang at each end.

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