Forrest Manufacturing — Maker ol Iir«x5 Woodworker I & H combo Wades irai outperform all others in mapM shop tests SharpsnirçarsawbUdes. rcuter bits anj knri*s. phorn: 18OO) 733-7111 far (973) 471 -3333 Cvck 0)22

Wotf-Mlzer — Cut your own limber w^th the portage sawmfl industry's leader Product descript>oristy*c*cations. pre«, apparu, accessories. o«ner testi-menials Cataty (800» 553-0219: Saks {800> 553-0182 On* 42ft

William AMen C*. — Tta catiiog everyone is Calking about Pomr tccls-damps-ICCmortt) The hiy«jt quality at the kwest possible prices, every day'

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Klochlt - The leading supptors oi clock-making subies lor over 25 years. Quart: and mechanical movements, clock userts. dials. easy-to-toiow ptars and hits tor all skrt levels OHM 042

Grizzly »mistrial. Inc. — Grtzzty Industrial's tree 1996 catatog (uteres thousands ot Quale/ wood«t>rtjng ttms from machine teds ?o router brts and tfaper cutler* Call to« fr« (800) 523-4777 to order yours. Arc* 03f

Woodwoctarl Oiscount Books. Ik. -

A Qre* source of al tods c* wocdwo-k-rg books. .tdeos. and furniture plins at pre« 10-20% bekw retail pica Otff 4M teles m stock. dscount-toefcs com facte 086



Ece*A&railves — Marufactjrers of abrasive belts and specialties * at sots artf grits. Our product Ime inclues wcc<J*crtang toots ar.d Free 1998 catalog on all of our quale/ projets <800| 367-4101.GrOB02

San >ean Specialty Product» — Dust Stcrm dcr«n draft systems dramatical reduce 6-jsX ¿rd chps 1fom sandinj and rowing Connects to dust collector or Shop vacuum Ccr-ttrwcted of rugjed stte< (888) 342-8262. Ore*'73

SmIOrç - Ultimate Home Sftcp 10-*vt Too* for '«ood*ori<inç cr mefcafcorking Compact, easy to use. butt to last, tow you can complete those protects you've dreamed oI Starting t800) 345-6342 and ask for operator AW Circle 07t

Pertermai Products. Inc. — Afiras-ve plane, sand wti* boards perfectfy ftat or amermon stock ntfth a Pertormax Drum Sander Eleven mode*s Select modes cfler sandrg as «We as 44'. as thin as 1/S4" and as short as 2" Circie /55

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