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Edge Guides

Festo's straightedge guide system is designed to work with their circular saw, router, and jigsaw. It's a cut above other edge guides we've tested. The tools ride on a ribbed guide rail, providing the kind of accuracy you'd expect from stationary machines. The German power-tool manufacturer offers a wide range of optional accessories, including a versatile table. (Prices start at $463 for the Festo ATF 55 E circular saw with a 31 V2-in. guide rail.) Tool Guide Corp., Dept. AWT, 2533 N. Carson St., Suite 3063, Carson City, NV 89706, (888) 337-8600. Circle #601

Affordable Nail Guns

If you're looking to buy a pneumatic nailer without having to empty your wallet, take a look at the new AccuSet line from Senco. The AccuSet line, which includes two 18-gauge brad nailers and two 18-gauge, V4-in. crown staplers, is designed for amateur woodworkers and DIY use. We found the nailers' light weight and soft-grip handles very comfortable, and they worked well for jobs like fastening moldings, trim, and small projects. The nailers feature a non-marring plastic tip and rubber bumpers where the tool contacts the work. Each comes with a plastic case and safety glasses. (Price: $99 to $159) AccuSet, Dept. AWT, 8485 Broadwell Rd., Cincinnati OH 45244, (888) 222-8144. Circle #602

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Boring Work Improved

The True Position Drill Guide takes the hassle out of drilling holes for mounting handles, pulls, and knobs in doors and drawer fronts. You simply adjust the guide's two drill bushings and stops for the hole spacing and location you want, then reference the jig on the edge of your part to drill the holes with great accuracy and repeatability—whether in one piece or a hundred. You can also use the guide to drill 32-mm system holes by adding more bushings ($12 each) and stacking them together on the guide. (Price: $120) Precision Casework, Dept. AWT, 52256 Altadena Dr., Morongo Valley, CA 92256, (888) 790-7565. Circle #603


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Jesada Tools

Money-saving 3-bit sets!

Our Throe-Bit Spcoal includes three of our most popular -A. bits at aöout half our regular HJ pnce You II ge< a 1/4' radius J Roundover. \!Y £

diameter Straight and a Flush Tnm bit with microgram carbide edges, mirror-finish gríncíng and our vktiite PTFE coating

Item Description

600-701 1 4' Shank 3-bit Set 600-702 1/2* Shank MH Set

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