Mbit you pfA up a drill, saw, or otn a tape measure, consider this. Moisture content is the single most important (actor a fleeting ibe quality of the wood vera Vising DelmhorM wood moisture meters are your most effatKr tool for controlling moisture and attaining the quality level that you demand. Our meter» have been used with confidence for roer >0 years, by thousands of woodworkers like \oursclf They're easy to use. affordable and. more importantly, they r* reliable. Trust the quality of your next project to DclmhooL

Pin/Minting moisture problems for oy er 50 years. Phone: 1-800-746-7342 Fax: 1-973-334-2657 Web site:

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Your skills as a woodworker are growing. But your workshop isn't. Your old machines are filling your shop without fulfilling your needs. Now's the time to upgrade to a EuroShop SC-30 combination machine and a EuroShop handsaw. Find out why the pros choose EuroShop. Call 1-800-203-0023.

• 10" Tilting Arbor TaWesaw

• 48" Stroke Sliding Table {69"optional)

• Horizontal Mortiser/Borer

• Three 3HP Motors

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