Laguvia Tools

2265 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 800-234-1976 • (949)494-7006 • Fax (949) 497-1346 E mail: [email protected] • Visit our Wchsitc: www. laguna tools .com

Our line of handsaws is truly remarkable- Not only for the selection, with over a

J dozen models to drool over, but for the amount of machine you get for your money. We give you larger re-saw capacity, greater power, and bigger blade widths. Exquisite European craftsmanship built to List and perform cur after cut. Buy the only handsaw you'll ever need from the largest and most experienced direct seller in

North America, Laguna Tools. Consistently the choice for value, you can't buy a more dependable handsaw. Backed by the most complete customer support in the industry. Call our 800 number today to receive your free demo video and you'll drool too.


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