Polish off just about any job with Arrow's versatile T50PBN hand stapler. This amazing new gun shoots six sizes of staples as well as 5/8 inch brad nails. j7"| ■ i 1 j Plus, its jam-proof and slip-proof.

Want your nails done?


It's made in the U.S.A. with solid steel components, not plastic parts like some other staple guns. Where can you get this handy little tool? Where else? The Home Depot.


Teak Cleaner

©What do I use to clcan teak wood in a sailboat?

Linda Flanagan Kent, NY

©Go to any marine supply store and ask for a two-part teak cleaner. It comes with instructions, but 1 recommend applying it with bronze (not steel) wool.

Simon Watts Boatbuilding instructor and AW West Coast editor San Francisco, CA

Heat-Resistant Finishes

©I am finishing a red oak fireplace mantel that I built. What finishes will stand up to the heat of a fireplace?

Adam Kaplan Chicago, II.

O Oil-based polyurethanc varnish is one of the most heat-resistant brushable finishes, but water-based poly or a hand-applied oil finish would have fairly high heat resistance too. The ones to avoid are the thermoplastic finishes such as shcllac, lacquer, and wax.

Michacl Drcsdncr Industrial finishing consultant and AW contributing editor Puyallup, WA

Planer Feed Speed

©Why is the standard feed speed for most thickness planers around 26 ft. per minute (fpm)? 1 changed a sprocket on my Delta planer and slowed the feed speed from 26.2 to 19.5 fpm. This has increased the cuts per inch from 51 to 68, resulting in a smoother planed surface with less tcarout on hard-to-planc materials. Arc there any drawbacks to a slower feed speed?

O You're right, reducing a planer's feed rate will give you more cuts per inch, resulting in a smoother finish. But according to experts in Delta's engineering department, more cuts per inch wear out the knives faster, because the knives get hotter. It can also cause burning of some woods. The common 26 fpm speed is a happy compromise: It's slow enough to give you a fairly smooth finish, but fast enough to ensure a reasonably long blade life and prevent burning. Therefore, Delta docs not recommend reducing the speed of its planers.

Dave Frccdman AW associate editor

Ripping Thick Hardwood on a Tablesaw

©I'm having trouble ripping 8/4 cherry on my 1 V^-in. contractor's saw. I have to push hard to feed the stock, and there is burning on the

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