Adjustable, undorm damping pfessue on al comers • Great for wide cab net frames (for center or edges}

• Forces a frame mîo perfect square

• Almost NO capacity Inflation, ships with 23 ft. reel of steel banding !

• Alumhum & Steel construction ITEM #1420 ^ .

♦ Reversible Combination Rail & Stile Bit

The Can-Do Clamp

• Join picture and cabinet frames

Sturdy aluminum dairp is great for framrg. dnllng. ctoweing. and more.

• Hgh ciamprg pressue

16 Piece Forstner Bit Set

High CkjaHty Steel - ground for heavy use This set comes with the following sees: 1/4", 3/8', 1/2". 5/8*. 3/4'. 7/8", 1'. 1-1/8'. 1-1/4", 1-3/8', 1-1/2", 1-5/8', 1-3/4", 1-7/8'. 2". 2-1/8".

ITEM #1418 REG. $141.20 Sale $4395

solid Brass Router Inlay Kit

Makes perfect fitting recesses and inlays!

Easy to use mlay kit fakws a 1/4* thek pattern template of afrnost any shape to produce the recess. Fits Porter Cable, Back & Decker or arty router with an adapter fa Porter Cable bushings. Kit incudes 1/8* sdkJ carbkle ckwicut spral trt, trass tushng. brass template gJde. trass retainer nut & instructions.

1/4" Shank Carbide lipped Router Bits

Professional Production Quality Guaranteed!

5TIUJXT WfC*Vf tzi ta

Round Over/Beading Bit Set

Biscuit Joining Set

□ogee raised panel

0 tongue and groove

#1333 Straight-.- S2900

□lock mitre bit


0 rabbeting kit i dopth ol culs: 3/8*. 7/16*. S/16*. 1/4* Set. 1/4* yank ract«r>3 bit. 4 bearings (3/8*. l-r. Stf. a'4'i a he. kc>'. #1425 I 1/4-lirgr-önmcftT.525.00

□ brass piloted licut mio spaces and sfarp cxrr&s These brts two PiCs, mwwng or*/ S32* h da. re lead ol ususi 1/2* benreq

#K29 1/4-RRear)CKw... $17.00 #1430 3*8-R Hard O.«. . $19.00

□ solid carbide upcut and downcl/t set

2 hfß te! bottom cultes Upcu spral rjeol kx incrtise ard Ierwrt jcr"» Ow>cul w* ptrrjo an and pano o<jgcK #1437 1/4* da. 3/4* aitir>g iwiglh Sfcea-ySolPnc© $1995

1/4' stenk, Cartxfe Tipped. 4 Raind

00 bearng: <i/8'. 1/4'. a-8". 1/2"), 0us 3/8-CO tearrg &alen wrench

S72 Indrvkiualy Sale *3995

Stot Cutter-1/4' Star* and 250*20 BiscuSs

Instruct cn sheet rcUded.

Callus [DCC fcr your I flu!

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