Screw Chuck

Remount {and remove the Inside

J To get at the inside of your bowl, you'll need to flip and remount it. If you don't have a self-centering chuck to expand against the recess in the base, don't worry. A couple of low-tech, low-cost remounting options are explained above.

Rotate the blank by hand first to check for serious off-axis problems. If they appear, rework your mounting job before running the lathe.

Tip: Exercise caution here. You changed all the rules on this piece when you changed the mounting.

When you are satisfied that the piece is safely running true, begin hollowing out your bowl with your bowl gouge. Cutting action should always be toward the center. Your first cut can start about an inch from the center and produce a shallow depression. Now gradually move outward to begin your cut.

Tip: Keep your cuts reasonably light, and keep the bevel of your bowl gouge rubbing the wood. (See inset photo, below.) Another way to start hollowing the bowl is to make a depth bore

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