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much simpler to measure off, say, 441 mm than 17V|(j in. But it's too bad that the metric system has no equivalent to the foot. Having been 6 ft., 2 in. tall for all of my adult life, I find it disconcerting that I am now officially

It's important to note that we still have pockets of resistance to metric measure. Though a man's height is now given in meters, we still measure his weight in stones and pounds. We measure road distance and auto speed in miles, but we buy our petrol in liters. The barman in a pub will draw a pint of beer, but we buy a bottle of wine or spirits by centiliter measure.

Michael J. Pearce Essex, England

Swing History

When I saw the porch swing in your June issue, it looked very familiar. I suppose it was because in 1955 I made one exactly like it. I took the dimensions and design from an old swing that was manufactured by the Dcfrchn chair factory in Johnstown, PA.

The people who bought my last house in 1994 liked that swing so much, they made it one of the conditions for purchasing the house. I'm sure that Mr. McArthur had just as much fun making his swing as I did making mine.

Don Wallace Valrico, FL

Online Index Saves Time

I just visited your new Web site for the first time. It's wonderful. I especially like the AW Index and Shop Test pages. I've been a subscriber for several years and keep past issues for reference. But I often end up wasting time thumbing through previous issues for specific articles. Your index will make referencing much easier. It will also help with new tool purchases because I'll have quick access to your Shop Test features.

The print version of American Woodworker's latest index (for issues #1 through #63) is available by mail. Send a check or money order for $4.95 to: American Woodworker Index, Box 7591, Red Oak, IA 51591, or call toll-free (800) 666-3111 .—Eds.

Keepsake Cabinet Omission

I'm preparing to build Andy Rac's Keepsake Cabinet (AW #66) and I noticed there are no dimensions for the length and thickness of the bottom of the case. Should I mill the bottom to the same size as the top?

Max Mattia Greensboro, NC

Andy Rae replies: The length of the bottom should stay the same, but it's I/4 in. thicker than the top to allow for the thicker bullnosc molding that wraps around the cabinet's base. If you use a thinner bottom» you'll be left with an unsightly gap between the

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Omi ESitifit Lfc JMk'Kr^ A> rV'fj itfiCTiltf for SCOTT BOX

extra value

The Grand Edition 14" Band Saw is one grand vaJue. Rides around the shop on a mobile base and sports an 18" np fence and Cool Blocks" More than $225 in extras. Then top it off with ii $50 rebate.

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The Grand Edition 10' Contractor's Saw.' Loaded with over $200 in extras. A 3a' Unifence Saw Guide, cast iron extension wing, white laminated table board and white adjustable support legs, plus a 50-tooth ATB&R cart*de tipped blade. Then add your $50 rebate.

Newly designed. 3-p»ece stand cuts 70% of your assembly time-Flared legs improve stability. Now see-through blade guard locks in the "up" position to facilitate blade changes.

% Model 36 456

extra value

Grand Edition Unisaw extras add up to over $300. Then add a $100 rebate on top of that

We've added an extra cast iron extension wing to start with. Then a 52" Unifence' Saw Guide, white laminated table and shelf board, white adjustable steel support legs and a 50-tooth ATB&R carbide-tipped blade.

Urwsaw' stands alone for quality and precision. Every single arbor is flange-faced after assembly to reduce run-out An extra step that other manufacturers dont bother with.

Each Grand Edibon Unisaw* carries the personalized name plate of its owner. Namely you.

Model 36-92C

W^^^ The Grand Edition series from Delta. Each a Delta classic.

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Proud sponsor of The New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram and The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips.


A Pwt» Conxxny

►riale protetto da copyright bottom and the door. The correct size for the bottom of the case is 1 in. by 4V16 in. by I05/8 in.

Secrets to Woodworking Success

I have been a woodworker and a buiHer for a long time now, with moderate success at both endeavors. Recently I noticed that some of the greatest woodworkers (Kirby, Kelsey, and Krenov, to name a few) have a few physical traits in common. They're all bald, or close to it» and they all have grey beards!

Flash! If I shaved my head and grew a silver goatee» could my dovetails and mortisc-and-tcnon joints be raised to the paradigm to which I have so long aspired?

I did it. I shaved my already-thinning hair and grew a beard, which luckily came in an erudite silver/gray. Then I went out to my shop. The results have been amazing: My mortises and tenons are perfect, my dovetails no longer require veneer slips, and I can complete curved laminations of Maloofian quality. People are flocking to my shop!

I'm planning to open up the Marble Road School of Bald and Bearded Woodworkers. (MRSBBW, Inc.) I'm also seriously considering a pair of those half-glasses that fall off the tip of your nose.

Charles Reiman Oneonta, NY

Helpful Headgear

On page 39 of issue 65» Robert Whitley is shown wearing a headband-type magnifier. Could you please find out for me who makes this and where I can get one like it?

John Wildermuth Midlothian, VA

AW associate editor Paul Anthony responds: Robert Whitley has had his "Peer Binocular Magnifiers1* for so long that he can't remember where he got them. But for 30 years, the 2V2X-power magnifiers have helped him see fine cut-lines for sawing and given him a much better view of small carvings and other details on work in process.

For some years now, I've been using a similar magnifier called "The Optivisor." You can order one from Rio Grande Tools and Equipment, (800) 545-6566.

Seven lenses are available, ranging in power from 1 V^x to 3*/2X. I use the power lenses. A visor and one set of lenses cost about $30.


Jet's new mini lathe, featured in last issue's " Toolbox" department, comes with a V^-HP motor. The l^j-HP listing was incorrect.

The Micro Fence edge guide recommended in last issue's router test was incorrectly priced. Micro Fence packages start at Si25. For more information, call (800) 480-6427.

Router Bits

Mxte An tfto USA

Reverse Helix Carbide Cutters Screw-on for Quick Change Sizes Available from 1/8" to 1-1/2"+

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Mxte An tfto USA

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We'll Make You 4 Pro for Under $2000

• Abrasive plane knotty, rough-sawn hardwoods without chip-out or planer ripple.

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• Power sand wide surfaces to a flawless finish - no more hand-held belt sanding.

Plus, production sand multiple parts and pieces as short as 21/4* without jigs or carrier boards. Infinitely-variable feed rate 0-10' per minute iets you control the finish.

Produce professional-looking results. Call today to select the Pro that's right for you-a 22-44 Pro or the new ShopPro 25. 1-800-334-4910 1-612-895-9922



12257 NkoIIoI Aw. So.. BurnsWIo, MN 55337




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