Using A Raisedpanel Jig On The Tablesaw

The author's jig consists of an auxiliary fence and base, joined at a 90' angle, plus a grooved support for two featherboards. (See photo, opposite page.) To set up the jig on the tablesaw, first lay out the bevel profile on the end of a setup scrap. Place the scrap on the jig and position the jig on the outteed side of the blade. Sighting along the blade, adjust the blade angle to match the bevel angle. Adjust the fence until the left edge of the blade almost touches the bevel layout line. Lower the blade under the table and screw the jig to the fence, centering it over the blade. Then turn on the saw and slowly raise the blade through the jig, to a height of 2V2 in. Test the setup by cutting into the scrap, and fine-tune the settings if necessary. When you get them right, record them for future reference.

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