Wood Finishing Special

Americans Woodworker

#150, October/November 2010


35 Eye-Catching Finishes for Small Projects

Take a walk on the wild side of finishing.

45 Guide to Finishing 11 Common Woods

Improve your results by understanding wood characteristics.

49 Not-So-French Polishing

A new twist on an old method of applying shellac.

52 Sanding for a Stained Finish

10 tips to make stain look great.

56 Coloring Figured Wood

Two dyes and a glaze create a stunning effect.

59 Make Poplar Look Pretty

Give this useful but unattractive wood a makeover.

62 Chemical Ebonizing

A sure-fire recipe for turning any wood deep black.

64 Green Wall Shelf

Add a touch of color to your hallway.

68 Little Table

Arts & Crafts style and knockdown design team up for a winning combination.



12 Workshop Tips

18 Tool Nut

20 My Shop

22 Great American Woodworker

Meet a new company with a 64 year heritage

We're new to the neighborhood. But not the industry. For more than 60 years, Canadian-based General Mfg. has been designing, producing and selling high quality, reliable woodworking machinery. Now we've opened our first American distribution center in Murfreesboro, TN. This new venture will allow us to better serve our American distributors and their customers. So you'll enjoy faster, easier access to our extensive line of woodworking products. And know that whatever you build, your tools were built on a long, proud heritage of trust. For more information visit general.ca.

General' International USA Inc., 760 Jessica St., Murfreesboro. TN 37130

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Workshop Tips

Have you built a better mousetrap?

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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