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Online at AmericanWoodworker.com becoming a skilled woodworker requires practice, patience, and a thorough understanding of numerous tools, materials and techniques. It's a skill that's not mastered quickly or easily, but the satisfaction of working wood and enjoying the final project is hard to beat.

Woodworkers love the challenge of solving problems.Yet, there are many times when we end up scratching our heads and wondering if there is a better way to do something (or worse, wondering if there was a better way). American Woodworker receives lots of calls and letters from readers with questions about their projects, shops and tools, and it has always been our business to provide useful information to our readers.

To continue this commitment, we've launched a new online Q&A forum. It's a place for woodworkers to interact, ask questions and share woodworking knowledge with each other. Even if you don't currently have a question, go online anyway and offer up your woodworking wisdom to others who do have questions. You'll find a link to the Q&A forum on the homepage of the American Woodworker website.

While at AmericanWoodworker.com, make sure to click over to the tip, project, technique, and too! stories. New ones are posted every week, and they're all free and complete.

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High strength with a shorter 1 clamp time along with no dyes for a natural finish mates Gorilla Wood Glue ideal for your woodworking and building projects.

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© office Cabinet

For complete how-to on using drawer lock router bits, go to: www.flmericanWoodworker.tom/145/DrawerLockBit

© Assembly Table

To see a video showing how these legs work, go to: www.AmericanWoodwarker.com/145/AdjustableLegs

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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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