Fknt do I make D objects

with a scyoW saw?

3D objects are no problem if you have both a front pattern and a side pattern.

3D Bunnies, Baskets, and Tulips

Here's how:

1, Photocopy 3D Bunnies, Baskets, and Tulips Patterns on page 104. Temporarily adhere patterns onto wood with spray adhesive. Position fold line on corner of wood and press pattern firmly on two adjoining sides of the wood block (see picture below). (Refer to Simple Fish. Steps 3-5 on page 24.)

Wood Scroll Saw

2. Install #7 skip-tooth blade in scroll saw and cut out one side of pattern. Save waste pieces of material.

Tooth Scroll Saw Pattern

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    How make patern scrollsaw?
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    How to do 3d objects with a scroll saw?
    5 years ago
    How to make scroll saw patterns from pictures?
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