How Ao I make a simple

Scroll Patterns BeaglesFish Scroll Saw Puzzle

A puzzle can be made by cutting out a simple shape and then cutting that shape into puzzle pieces- By painting the puzzle pieces with bright colors, a charming jigsaw puzzle is created.

Putt-putt Puzzles

Here Js how:

1. Photocopy the Putt-putt Puzzles Patterns on page 32.

2. Temporarily adhere patterns onto wood with spray adhesive. (Refer to Simple Fish, Steps 3-5 on page 24.)

3. Install #5 reverse-tooth blade in scroll saw. Begin by carefully following the pattern lines to cut out round wheels (see picture below).

NOTE: Small blades cut sharp curves, twists, and turns. Because they are so thin, the saw cut (or kerf) is very narrow, allowing the puzzle pieces to fit together and interlock.

Scroll Saw PatternsScroll Saw Compound Cutting Patterns

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