What vou need to get started:


• Basic tools and supplies page 13

• Photocopier

• Scroll saw with #5 reverse-tooth blades

Drill press with IX" Forstner bit, countersink, X«", and bits


• Cattails JT x 2XM x 6" pine • Base ]A" x 3" x 7X" pine

Scroll Saw Oriental Patterns
-4fctnrf finished project size: Jf" x 7" x Acrylic paint finish.

4. Make interior cuts first, then cut around contour lines.

5. Drill three X*M holes through base for mounting screws. Countersink for screw heads on bottom side of base.

Remove patterns. Clean up any cutting imperfections with sandpaper, needle files, etc. Finish sanding all parts to desired smoothness. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 18.)

Make pilot holes for mounting screws in bottom edges of duck and cattails. Lay duck and cattails pieces flat along existing holes in base, and make pencil marks to line up with centers of base holes (see picture below).

Duck Cattail Center PieceDuck Cattail Center Piece

8. Measure and mark to center of wood to locate points for pilot holes. Use awl to make indentation to serve as drilling guide (see picture below). Bore the holes approximately X" deep with a X*" bit.

Duck Scroll Saw PatternsDuck Scroll Saw PatternsDuck Scroll Saw Patterns

9. Test-fit duck and cattails onto base. Install mounting screws. Make adjustments as needed. When satisfied with fit, apply small amount of wood glue to joints and secure with mounting screws. Wipe away excess glue.

10. Apply acrylic paint with paintbrush to color duck and cattails as shown in photograph on page 56. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 19.)

Scroll Saw Duck Pattern

Mini Duck


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