What you need to get started:


• Basic tools and supplies page 13

• Photocopier

• Scroll saw with #7 reverse-tooth blade


• Two pieces of pine board

• Black acrylic paint

Scottv Dog and Luckv Cat 25

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Scroll Saw Projects

Afrmv, finished project size

Black acrylic paint finish

3. Use awl to mark center point within eye.

4. Using Xo" bit, drill perpendicular hole through awl mark in eye (see picture below ).

Photocopiers Cutting Wood

26 Basic Scroll Saw Techniques

5. Install #7 reverse-tooth blade in scroll saw. Thread blade through eye hole (see picture below). Fasten blade in scroll sawr and carefully cut out eye. (Refer to Scroll-sawing Techniques, Step 5 on pages 17-18.)

Basics Scroll Saw

26 Basic Scroll Saw Techniques

Copyrighted material

6. Remove blade from eye opening. Re fasten blade in scroll saw and cut around outer profile in clockwise direction to finish cutting our project,

7. Remove pattern from wood and use coarse sandpaper to touch-up any imperfections on figurine. Also, remove fuzz on back side, and soften sharp edges. Finish sanding ail surfaces to desired smoothness. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 18.)

8. Remove all dust with clean rag, and apply black acrylic paint with paintbrush. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 19.)

NOTES: Experiment with paint on scrap material before applying to project. Always carefully follow manufacturer s directions for paint application, storage and disposal.

Figurines in upper photograph on page 26 are painted with black acrylic paint, thinned with water. The set pictured below is finished with a coat of canola oil.

9. Add decorative ribbons and bows, and a jingling bell for the Lucky Cat. These decorative touches should match the decor where figurines will be displayed, or they can reflect a holiday motif and change with the season.

Woodcarving Toolbox
.4fomr, Scully Dog and Lucky Cat shown wilh canola oil finish.

Scotty Dog and Lucky Cat 27

Copyrigntea material

Scroll Saw Patterns For Carpenter

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