Scroll Saw Patterns

What you need to get started:


• Basic tools and supplies page 13

• Photocopier

• Scroll saw with #5 reverse-tooth blade

• Power drill with 'A", and countersink bits


Scroll Saw Shelf Plans Downloadable
Above, finished project size: JiM x W x Natural Danish oil finish.

Basic Scroll Saw Techniques

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2. Install #5 reverse-tooth blade in scroll saw. Cut out shelf and maple leaf. (Refer to Scroll-sawing Techniques, Step 5 on pages 17-18.)

3. Before removing pattern from leaf back, use awl to mark center point for the hanging hole at the top, and for two mounting screws that attach shelf (see picture below).

Leaf Scroll Shelving

4. Use awl marks as guides to drill X»" hanging hole, and twro X" shelf-mounting holes (see picture below).

Hole Scroll

5. On leaf back, use countersink bit so screw heads can be set flush with surface of the wood when installing shelf (see picture below).

Scroll Saw Maple Leaf

Remove patterns from wood. Touch up any imperfections with sandpaper. Finish sanding to desired smoothness. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 18.)

Lay shelf flat on leaf back, centered left to right, with edge approximately halfway over the mounting-screw holes. Use pencil to carefully mark centers, for pilot holes, on shelf edge (see picture below).

Ruler Measure Yarn Thickness

8. Use ruler to measure to the center of the thickness of shelf. Mark center points for pilot holes (see picture below). Use awl to mark locations, then drill XA" holes approximately Xn deep into edge of shelf

Scroll Saw Bolts

Test-fit shelf to leaf by temporarily installing mounting screws. Align shelf perpendicular to leaf back piece.

NOTES: A small block of wood can be used as guide/jig to aid with shelf assembly (see picture below).

If shelf does not attach perfectly, you can use sandpaper to adjust rear edge of shelf to eliminate any upward or downward slant.

Scroll Saw Patterns Leaves

10. When satisfied with shelf attachment, apply a small amount of wood glue on back of shelf, and secure to leaf with screws. Wipe away excess glue.

11. When glue is dry, remove all dust with a dry rag, and apply natural Danish oil finish. Danish oil can be applied using a foam brush or a rag. After it has dried for a few minutes, wipe away excess oil. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 19.) NOTE: If you would like to have a little larger shelf, simply enlarge the patterns on a photocopier and use thicker wood.

Fall Scroll Saw Patterns
Above, Maple Ixraf Shelf can also be painted in brilliant fall colors to celebrate the season.

Back piece

Back piece

Wood Shelf Bracket Pattern

Maple Leaf Shelf Patterns

Fall Scroll Saw PatternsApple Scroll Saw Patterns

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