How Can I Ivc My Scrollsaw

What you need to get started:


• Basic tools and supplies page 13

• Photocopier

» Scroll saw with #5 reverse-tooth blade


X" x 3'A" x 6'/<" clear pine board

JT x 4" x 7XM clear pine board

• Acrylic paints in black, blue, orange, red, and yellow

Scroll Saw Pine Bracket
AtanY, finished project size: 1 M x 7" x VA Acrylic paint finish.

4. Cut around outer profile (see picture below).

5. Separate the pieces of puzzle by cutting away sections in the following order: first, cut off roof/top section (see picture below), then, cut apart three sections of body. NOTE: Do not push or crowd wood into the blade. You do not want to force the blade to the left or right, nor to the back or front. Keep the blade cutting through the wood perfectly straight up and down. This ensures the puzzle pieces can be easily separated and reassembled.

6. After cutting all pieces, remove patterns (see picture below). Touch up imperfections and soften any sharp edges with sandpaper. Finish sanding all surfaces to desired smoothness. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 18.)

Voiture Scroll Saw Free Pattern

7. Apply colorful acry lic finish by thinning acrylic paints with water and smoothly brushing onto wood, following the grain of the wood. Allow one side of the puzzle to completely dry before painting the other side. Puzzle will probably require several coats because wood will absorb a great deal of the paint. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 19.)

NOTES: Paint adds thickness to wood, so keep paint thin on sides of puzzle that fit together

Remember that projects meant for children should always use safe nontoxic finishes.

Scroll Saw Projects

4. Cut around outer profile (see picture below).

Maple Leaf Shelf Pattern

Putt nun Puzzles 31

TTcfpy ngrnecTm ateri

Decorative Scrollsaw

How do I properly attach a shelf auto a decorative scroll-saw design?

Careful measurement will allow you to drill pilot holes so screws can be inserted into the shelf for an invisible yet strong bond.

Maple Leaf Shelf

Here's how:

1. Photocopy Maple Leaf Shelf Patterns on page 37. Use scissors to trim away excess paper around pattern. Position pattern for shelf onto wood to take advantage of a straight edge (see picture below). Temporarily adhere patterns onto wood with spray adhesive. (Refer to Simple Fish. Steps 4-5 on page 24.)

Wood Scroll Saw PatternsScroll Saw Fish

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