What you need to get started:


• Basic tools and supplies page 13

• Photocopier

• Scroll saw with #7 skip-tooth blade


Hoiv do I attach a pattern onto the wood and then cut a basic shape?

Spray adhesive works great to temporarily attach a pattern to the wood surface. Using a pattern as a guide for cutting is the magic of scroll-sawing. Patterns enable you to make almost any project.

Simple Fish

Here's how:

1. Select a clear piece of pine.

2. Photocopy the Simple Fish Pattern below. The pattern can also be enlarged or reduced for future use.

Simple Fish Pattern
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Scroll Saw Box

Above, finished project size: x 4XM x 3%M. Canola oil finish.

Above, finished project size: x 4XM x 3%M. Canola oil finish.

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3. Use scissors to trim away excess paper around pattern.

4. Use inverted cardboard box as a spray booth. Place pattern face down in box. Spray light coating of glue onto back of pattern (see picture below). Allow glue to get "tacky," this takes about six seconds.

Away Manger Scroll Saw Patterns

5. Temporarily adhere pattern onto wood by firmly rubbing it down with fingertips. NOTES: Pattern would be permanently attached if spray adhesive wrere to be applied to both pattern and wood.

Wondering which way the wood grain should be on your scroll sawr projects? Most of the time the grain should run in the same direction as the longest dimension of your project.

6. Install #7 skip-tooth blade on scroll saw. Place wood on saw and cut along pattern lines. (Refer to Scroll-sawing Techniques, Step 5 on pages 17-18.)

NOTE: Cut in clockwise direction to keep waste material on right-hand side of blade.

Scroll Saw Bits

7. Use awl to mark center point within eye.

8. Using bit, drill perpendicular hole through awl mark in eye.

9. Remove pattern from wood and sand smooth with sandpaper. Start with 80-grit and finish with 200- to 400-grit. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 18.)

NOTE: After you have cut out a project and removed the pattern no one will ever know if you have wandered off the line a little bit.

10. Using rag, apply canola oil as a finish. Allow canola oil to dry for a few minutes, then wipe excess oil off with a clean rag. (Refer to Project Finishing on page 19.)

How do I cut out a shape with in the body of the wood?

A hole must be drilled within the body of the wood. Then the saw blade is inserted into the hole and reconnected to the scroll saw. After cutting out the shape, disconnect the blade and remove,

Scotty Dog and Lucky Cat

Here's how:

1. Photocopy the Scotty Dog and Lucky Cat Patterns on page 28.

2. Temporarily adhere pattern onto wood with spray adhesive. (Refer to Simple Fish, Steps 3-5 on page 24.)

NOTE: If wood has a straight, machined edge, position pattern with paws directly on edge (see picture below). This ensures that figurines will stand straight.

Wooden Scroll Saw FigurinesWooden Scroll Saw Figurines

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