Decorative Birds

Make bodies from 1/8" thick material Make tails and wings from 1/32" thick material.

Suspend your completed birds from a hoop, branch, etc. Carefully determine the balancing point; drill a small hole and thread fish line through it.

Cardinal and Blue Jay


Dove and Swallow

Decorative Wall SwallowWildlife Bird

Humming Bird and Robin

Southwest Scroll Saw Patterns


Note that variations include using real feathers as well as the scroll-cut wooden ones.

Scroll Saw ProjectsScroll Saw Templates

American Eagle

Saw the eagle from a separate piece of material, and overlay it on a circular backer board of contrasting color.

Patina-finished plywood on a solid copper backer

Victorian Scroll Saw Patterns
Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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