Jumping Jack Santa and His Helpers

Wooden Jumping Jack Pattern

Traditional ' Jumping Jack*' figures are quick and to make thick material.


Adhere the pattern* 10 the wood with sprav glue

Saw onh on the outline!» uf the pan ems

1 >nl! 1 h" diameter holes at the dots cm the pattern* of the arms and legs

1 >rill J 'Kv diameter holes at the + s or i the patterns

Nate: freicnt jyieniblv paint all the parrs as desired, then re drill hales to allow arms and leus to move treel\

Also before as&cnibly loop string?* through the amis and legs as shown in the drawing helov right The strings need to he long enough to extend ¿1 tew mehes below tlie feet when assembled

Atiet moping tilt strings attach the arms and lei!- to the h«id\ with the

% f brass tasteners.

1 it tin strings together as shown in tiie drawing abow riglit Make «1 knot near the middle ol the buck to join tin arm strings: then gathci and knot all or the strings appruv f below tht leg pivots, adit final knot 2" below tin reet.

Trim oft the strings about V below tin kuoi (If desired, a colorful bead can hi added above the knot.)

Intarsia Scoll SawJack Santa

Pete the Painter

Refer to page 29 for how to make the Jumping Jack toys.

Santa s Helpers' arms and legs are interchangeable.

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To hang your completed project, drill a Vhm diameter hole at the location shown on the hat, and hang with string or ribbon.

Arms and legs attach to the body with brass fasteners.

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