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3/4"-thick MDF: 8V2" x 93/4" for pumpkin; 61/2" X 11 1/2" for ghost Vs"-thick plywood: 81/2" x 93/4" for pumpkin backer


1. Apply one Pumpkin Chose pattern from page 176 to MI)F (medium density tiberboard).

3. Reduce the stem and leaf segments to thickness. Slightly round over the leaf and stem segments. Round over the pumpkin segments and ghost profiles to 5/ifi" radius.

4. Color, finish and assemble the segments* and make a backer.

5. Coil two pieces of the green electrical wire. Drill holes in the stem segment for the wire curls and glue them in place.

Design Tip

The ghost can be temporarily attached to the back of the pumpkin with double-sided tape. After Halloween, remove the ghost and the pumpkin alone can be used as a Thanksgiving decoration.

Scrollsaw Toys WoodenTurkey Scrollsaw Designs

Holiday Turkey

This Thanksgiving wall plaque involves basic techniques. In addition to reducing the thickness of some segments as indicated on the pattern, the two central wing segments are shimmed and the feathers taper from W in thickness at the tips to 3/8" where they meet the body.


3/4H-thick MDF (medium density fibcrboard): 9W x 13" ยป/x"- to '/4"-thick plywood: 93/4" x 13"

Turkey Pumpkin Pattern


1. Apply one Holiday Turkey pattern from page 178 to MDF.

3. Reduce the thickness of those segments indicated with a minus (-) sign on the drawing. Remember, it is best to remove material from the front rather than the back.

4. Cut shims i/h" and ,/4" thick to elevate the wing segments marked with a plus ( + ) on the pattern.

5.Taper the tail feather segments inward toward the body using a disc or belt sander.

Note: Not all segments are rounded over, such as the edges of the tail feathers where thev butt to

the body (see photo, below left). These, and the edges of thinner segments not rounded over, are indicated with a small "V" mark on the pattern.

6. Color, finish, and assemble the segments; make a backer.

Scroll Saw FeathersScroll Saw Feathers

Left: Sot all edges are rounded over, such as these thinner segments that butt to a thicker or shimmed segment.

Feather Scroll Saw Puzzle Pictures

Round-over feather and beak


Round-over all edges V-i" or s/t6"R except those noted: < Denotes edges not rounded over - Indicates thickness reduction + Indicates shim to increase thickness

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