Victorian Doll Chair

The chair has an upholstered appearance by applying fabric-covered cardboard to the seat and back.

Chair sides: make from VV thick material.

Make 2 sides for each chair.

Back and Seat: make from 1/4° thick material.


Make seat and back cushions by cutting a piece of cardboard to the size of the dashed outlines shown on the patterns.

Cut pieces of fabric approx. l/2h wider and longer than the cardboard.

Wrap the fabric around the cardboard; glue the fabric to back of cardboard.

Glue the cardboard and fabric assembly in place onto chair.

Oriental FabricVictorian Scroll Saw Patterns

Victorian Doll Couch

Arm sections: make 2 from i/V' thick material.

The dashed outlines show where the couchs back, seat, and front apron pieces are glued to the arm sections.

Back for couch: make from W thick material. Bevel the ends at 11°. Seat for couch: make from W thick material.



Nativity Scroll SawScroll Saw Templates

Area for fabric-covered back cushion.

Victorian Scroll

tn m


Victorian Doll Table

Make from 1/4" thick material.

Tabletop: make 2 copies of the pattern and join them along centerline. Table legs: join along the halved-joint..

Cow Boy Boots Scroll Saw Patterns
Scrollsaw Patterns

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