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f 's fan to decorate the toys with non-toxic paints and stains or you can use vegetable based dyes polished with beeswax. Crafts stores and other paint suppliers offer a selection of exciting and safe non-toxic colors in half-pint to quart size containers. The smallest of the containers of paint will usually coat several toys The toy plans m this book are complete and detailed with full size drawings for every part of every scroll saw toy shown. To save your book we recommend photo copying the...

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Carefully cut out pattern with your scroll saw Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for all toy parts. Sand lightly with 100 grit sandpaper to soften edges. 1 Apply a thin, even coat of spray mount to toy pattern. Let the glue dry to a tacky state before applying pattern to the wood Press onto wood 6 Flip toy to opposite skJe. Repeat steps 4 and 5 applying the second lava and rock. Let dry thoroughly before staining or painting. 3 . Apply glue to the contact surface of one volcano Press part down and side...

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Apply glue to the contact surface of the rriddle layer Press part down and slide around on the bottom layer to spread glue evenly Press firmly into place. Let dry thoroughly before proceeding to next step. 4. Apply glue to the contact surfacc of the top layer. Press part down and slide around on the middle layer to spread glue evenly Press tlmily Into place. Let dry thoroughly before proceeding to next step. 5. You can finish the watering hole by staining the wood or painting wtfh acrylics. If...

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Volcanoes are some of nature's most exciting, frightening and colorful displays with exploding mountamtops and rivers of red hot lava Scientists do not agree on what caused the great prehistoric mass extinctions such as the Great Dying that occurred 250 million years ago. Over 90 percent of all creatures perished. Huge volcanoes erupting with great clouds of ash and gases could have caused the loss of life from smoke that caused a lack of oxygen and sunlight.

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In examining the skulls found of Neanderthal Cave Men scientists discovered a high rate of head and neck injuries. This type of injury is similar to those of present day rodeo riders suggesting that like the rodeo riders, Neanderthals would tackle and mount big animals and then get thrown off as they attempted to slay the animal

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The Toy Wizard's FavorM Scrol Saw Palter for Toy Droa jts ar gt d Prcnwonc Crcatu'cs the Toy Wizard's FavorM Scrol Saw Palter for Toy Droa jts ar gt d Prcnwonc Crcatu'cs The Andrewsarchus was a giant wotf-like. fierce mammal that lived during the Eocene period, approximately 45 to 36 million years ago It walked on four short legs and had a long body that reached lengths up to 18 ft Its unusually long snout was up to 36 inches long with large sharp teeth and flat cheek teeth that may have been...

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The Mamenchisaurus was first discovered in 1952 at a highway construction site in Sichuan China The Mamenchisaurus which lived 145 to 150 million years ago was a huge plant-eating dinosaur with a tremenctously elongated neck and long tail This dinosaur has the second longest neck of any known dinosaur. It is believed that Mamenchisaurus would have swung its neck in a giant arc eating everything it could eat, then taking a step forward to repeat the process again Scientists used to think that...