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Scroll Saw Patterns Bears

the Toy Wizard's FavorM Scrol Saw PalterĀ« for Toy Droa jts ar>d Prcnwonc Crcatu'cs


the Toy Wizard's FavorM Scrol Saw PalterĀ« for Toy Droa jts ar>d Prcnwonc Crcatu'cs

Fierce Animal Scroll Saw Projects

saw pattern


saw pattern

The Andrewsarchus was a giant wotf-like. fierce mammal that lived during the Eocene period, approximately 45 to 36 million years ago It walked on four short legs and had a long body that reached lengths up to 18 ft

Its unusually long snout was up to 36 inches long with large sharp teeth and flat cheek teeth that may have been used to crush the bones of its prey. Its enormous jaws were extremely powerful, enough to bite through bone, tough armor and hides of prehistonc animals living at the same time Weighing in at almost a ton, it must have been a frightening sight to encounter the Andrewsarchus. The giant wolf Andrewsarchus dwarfed even the largest grizzly bear.

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